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The population is ageing, we are living longer than ever before, and couples over 65 form an increasingly large proportion of the population.  Yet people over 65 are very different from one another - they have had different life experiences, different types of jobs and families, and different chances and opportunities to accumulate money, property and pensions.  Often, we don't think about the issue of how we will manage in later life until close to retirement, and some people have more choices than others about how they live.  We are interested in researching how older couples live and manage their money in Britain today.  What has influenced them during their lifetimes, from when they were children right through to the present day, and how do they cope with the demands of today?  We are also interested in inequalities between and among older couples, and in how government policies can or should react to the problems facing people today.  In order to research these questions, we are carrying out ten focus groups and ninety in-depth interviews, and we are analysing government data and examining government policy. 

We need to obtain the views of as wide a cross section of the older community as possible; and we would like you to respond to the findings and views expressed on this website.  Please do also complete our survey

Your active participation in this website is not only welcomed but crucial in developing a clearer understanding of the issues that need to be considered.

 Our project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (grant reference RES-061-25-0090), and has been approved by the King's College London ethics committee.


In this section of the website, which is called "ABOUT" because it tells you about the project, you can learn more about WHO is conducting this research, HOW the research is being conducted, WHY  we are conducting this research, and what our AIMS are in conducting this research.  You can either click on these highlighted words to find out more, or click on the orange tabs above the title on this page.